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taste the 24 ADVENT capsules

By on 1, Dec 2015 in Crystalline bit of snow

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This December you can boost your ambience with us, twice every day. 

Ann Voskamp says, we should give thanks for everything. That we should count our gifts, meaning we should count everything and simply by listing it, we can find the gift in it.
Gretchen Rubin says, we should make a 1 sentence journal. Because 1 phrase is about what can capture the day. You can come back to it. In the future, when you won't be able to read pages of your whole life again, to the 1 sentence you can. And you may even become able to see the essential of your day.

This December I prepared for you the capsules, which will inspire you to do both at once, instantly. And something more.

You will make double benefit, with no need to remind yourself, because the 1 capsule for breakfast will be ready here.
The capsule is for you: you simply unwrap the Advent message for the day by clicking on it. And in your turn you can create your "capsule", for anyone who you think needs your thoughts, your voice, your news. You can tell him or send him a message or a picture of the 1 ambience of your day.
This way, before the Christmas comes, not only you found your gratefulness, you also made your 1 ambience journal by spreading - sprinkling it around you, so it may multiply.



Have yourself the 24 capsules - instead of (or plus) chocolate - from tonight on! 🙂


1.: OPEN 1 ambience capsule a day

(filled with 1 Advent principle) 

it will be ready for breakfast


2.: SHARE 1 ambience of your day to 1 of your fellows 

(to fill your planet with it)

tell or send a message to the 1 who needs it

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