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Ambience Capsule OF THE SEASON:

on 10, Nov 2015 in Ambience Capsules

Ambience with the mandarine smell on your hands.

Ambience Capsule FADED

on 8, Nov 2015 in Ambience Capsules

Perhaps the most original potential is in the faded, in the miserable. Let not the brilliant nature of your potential be invisible – to you. See it. Like your treasure.

Feel the fall

on 1, Nov 2015 in Thick sleep

Feel the fall


on 17, Oct 2015 in Ambience Capsules

Humility = joy + vulnerability. I didn’t know! But along with this eternal battle for enthusiasm it finally came to me! We give up on joy, because we think being vulnerable is being weak. So we loose our joy, not to be vulnerable to those, who lack it anyways. But now I know: humility must have joy + vulnerability!

Why are sisters late for school

on 14, Oct 2015 in Thick sleep

Why are sisters late for school


on 13, Oct 2015 in Principles

If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things, then this is the best season of your life.


Ambience Capsule 3 AM

on 10, Oct 2015 in Ambience Capsules

Sometimes, when you have pain in your teeth, in your throat, ears, head and the sleep did not plan to return at 3 AM, the house can be much milder to you out of bed.

Ambience Capsule APPLE

on 3, Oct 2015 in Ambience Capsules

Have a bowl of fresh sweet perceptions for the sombre Saturday morning .


on 2, Oct 2015 in Principles

#022: The person who fails the most wins.

— Seth Godin

Inspiring answers from a 16-year-old baker apprentice in a faraway French countryside (Loïc)

on 25, Sep 2015 in Rendez-vous on veranda

Who is the welcoming kid at the cosy rural French bakery? You can spot him at night, riding his bike up and down the hills of Burgundy, to get to work. He is only 16 years old apprentice…

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