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Where to find me

Written by Mária Bruneau.

Publishing also for:

Bored Panda

blog of the newspaper 'Denník N'

online 'campagne' decoration magazine 


In press: Aktuá and Dobré noviny

"Ordinary ambience of 'right now' is essential to your story.

Which also means you have the potential to sense it! I tell little stories to illustrate how."  

A Slavic daughter. With a husband.

With two half-French daughters. 

Settled in a young family of warm ambience and old principles.

 Works for a compatible, complete story.

Believes "ordinary people for extraordinary destiny"

(Clive Staples Lewis). 


"My job is to awaken possibility in other people.

And of course, I wanted to know whether I was doing that.

And you know how to find out?

You look at their eyes.

If their eyes are shining, you know you're doing it."

 (Marvelous conductor Benjamin Zander)


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